FathomJS + CodeMirror Example


You can put speaker notes here if you want to share them with people after. I like to do that since it's often hard to understand slides without knowing what people said.

How to Use these Slides

This is an example deck of FathomJS + CodeMirror.
Use the arrow keys to browse it, and then view source to see how it works.

Runnable JS Snippet

The JS will be evaluated.

Runnable HTML Snippet

The HTML will be appended to the #demo DIV.

Runnable Script Snippet

The SCRIPT tags will be appended to the BODY.

Static Script Snippet

You can also just do non-runnable snippets as well.

Slide backgrounds

I rather like to use these CSS3 patterns to liven up my slide background. You can try them out here:

If you find one you like, you might also change the .slide h1 to the background color for a nice effect.

Thats it, folks

Let me know if you do something nifty with them. Thanks!